STEVEN CERIO’s film for JACK KEROUAC’s B’DAY celebration for Lowell Celebrates Kerouac. A fim titled “Cease-Hounds uv thuh Gold-Tin Eat-Turn-It-Tea”


Steven Cerio created this film for the Lowell Celebrates Kerouac group located in Jack Kerouac’s hometown of Lowell Massachusetts. Though I’ve enjoyed this work since my teens the plot and characters (other than Jack!) of the novel did not influence the film, instead I used inspiration from the abstractions of the poem that ends the novel entitled “Sea: Sounds of the Pacific Ocean at Big Sur” for the film where he uses onomatopoeia to perfection to describe the sounds of the sea. The written word play I used in the title and throughout was both a loving tribute to the man and to his often playful craft and a humble way to incorporate words of my own without quoting or stealing lines. For the soundtrack I used actual sound recordings of the waves in Big Sur coupled with my drumming with two bass drums and my tom-toms tuned down low to add to the thunder of the California coast. The film was screened on March 12 – the anniversary of Kerouac’s birthday at Lowell Telecommunications Corp Gallery, 246 Market St before a performance by Kerouac’s friend and Beat musician/performer David Amram. It was a great honor for me.

Steven Cerio’s video for “Travel Song” by Greg Pier


This is a video I shot for noiseville recording artist Greg Pier’s song “Travel Song” late summer 2013 in the countryside of Central New York using concepts conceptualized and feels felt in the lyrics and mood of the tune and its hallucinatory lyrics. I did takes with Greg on each instrument he played on his one man release except for drums (too risky using the light to set up his drum kit, what with the fleeting daylight in that neck of the woods)
BTW that’s Greg’s pregnant wife Betsy at the end of the video, less than 12 hours from giving birth to their daughter Elsa.Congrats !!!

video by STEVEN CERIO for ATLANTIC DRONE ‘s “White-Tail Tremble”- a live soundtrack improvisation

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In March 2013 I performed an improvised set of music with 7 musicians against a screening of my film “The Magnificent Pigtail Shadow” in Beacon New York at The Dogwood. After this specific track was recorded I filmed the other musicians from behind my drums and left the stage to film from the audience. Those shots included the film projected on the performers and screen which I edited in with the original source film. I named the song “White-Tail Tremble” remembering a nervous doe eating dandelions only a dozen feet from our van as we loaded to leave the next morning. I returned from the Hudson Valley and edited down this track from the original 25 minute version taken from over four hours of recording and added Greg Pier on guitar and Brendan Gosson on violin as the last touches since they sadly couldn’t attend the original session


“Don’t Title this ,Okay? – Steven Cerio’s Art of the Pigtail Shadow” a short film by KC DUGGAN

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This short was included on the dvd release of my film “The Magnificent Shadow” by As the sub-title suggests the film is an interview with me (Steven Cerio) about the unruly mass of sketches and art accumulated during the two years of shooting my film “The Magnificent Pigtail Shadow”.KC decided to go without soundtrack music which was a great choice…even if I begged her to use some of my music! My answers come from an interview with D.P. KC Duggan and Thaddeus Chapman. Lots’s art abounds…and lots’a answers to unanswerable questions. Fun.

Video by Steven Cerio for POWER ANIMAL Jason Martin’s song “Patient Zero-for the sensitive tail.”

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Steven Cerio filmed Jason Martin for this video in Central New York in 2012 when he was in Baldwinsville doing performance during during Cerio’s interview for a biography on performance art pioneers The Residents called “Theory of Obscurity” (directed by Don Hardy).



A film to obliterate the illusions that distract from a real life.
The Pigtail Shadow is a false idol, a false prophet promising a jeweled path
out of reality. Teeming with music, words and imagery, this film induces a
meditative and blissful state. The sweet and nimble reading by Kristin Hersh
places an ethereal tone over a lush and swirling soundtrack. Cerio gently
dismantles the collective subconscious and thoroughly mocks the human drama.
Moments shift between the candied ecstasy of childhood and a teasing cynicism.
Spotlights shine on our shifting superstitions in this cautionary tale.


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A video filmed/edited by artsist/filmmaker Steven Cerio to promote’s upcoming cd and download release of the soundtrack he composed for his film “The Magnificent Pigtail Shadow” -released on dvd by NOISEVILLE. The footage is edited from his mid length feature film.