“Jump off…its Sinking”

I might be too welcoming and sensitive to confusion-find it entertaining-but I feel a collective shift away from our collective logic. Beautiful. Everyone found out they’re right. Yes and No are overlapping.  I’m convinced we’ve started trusting our faulty instincts and falsified logics. Every pink brain is hurrying to the future that it invented for itself so the organism could steal a little fictional pleasure. You can feel that ‘future pleasure paradise’ growing around the collective reality-choking it. It’s sinking… jump off.Beauty and bliss have become the new subversion and Beauty is running out. Coltrane left us, Calvino and Kerouac aren’t coming back and your medicine is just another lie. They will try to strangle anything that smells like bliss, but they’re too busy with their television aggression monster explosions to get anything done. Jump off…it’s sinking.
Euphoria and paradise sound a lot better….admit it..
Steven Cerio
Sperryville, NY
March 2010