Bee Wing and possible Frog Egg Evolution

I found this bee on its side. Looks like it died flying and landed on my porch in full rigor mortis. You hear about ‘hive collapse”? Some say it’s a farce but 2 years ago I saw maybe 2 honeybees all summer long and I spend a lot of time outdoors. They think that the UV rays are killing frog eggs too…maybe they’ll evolve thick shells in a couple million years if they’re lucky and they survive all of this. Those clear gelatinous balls just aren’t doing the job keeping the sunbeams out.

The Best Tea Cup…Ever.

I found this plastic tea cup half buried in the dirt in Arizona. I couldn’t guess who was tea toddling on a massive mesa hours from civilization. Probably be stranger to the original owner that I brought it home to NY decades later on a jet to drink from it almost everyday.

Henry Darger and the friendly Chicago

Chicago on my way to a toy signing at A.Okay Official. It was the first time I spent any significant time there. Even the abandoned factories are beautiful there…they keep a comfortable city. I enjoy how friendly the Mid West is…takes a while to get used to it. Makes you realize how angry and fast the East Coast is. I would miss the pace of NY but Chicago’s a very livable for a large city. I found a full size, all night grocery store with a gigantic parking lot in the middle of the city.

Outsider Art Legend Henry Darger’s bedroom window. I sought it out and sat on his porch…followed his path to work at the local church. I wanted to ring the bell and see if he peaked out of the window but I was a few decades too late. A neighbor asked why I was interested in the house…he had no idea who Darger was; no one in the local coffee house did either. I never met one person in Chicago including gallery owners who had any knowledge of the ‘Hairy Hoo’ or The Imagist Group.” Come on….Say it aint true.

See Thru Baby Squirrel

A baby squirrel shot up with a red dye that sticks to the bones somehow…a friend’s Anthropologist wife gave it to me. I gave it away and kept photos instead. I felt guilty about owning it somehow. I gave it to a friend who owns a stuffed chipmunk. I should’ve buried it instead.