U.S./Canada BOOK SIGNING TOUR for “Sunbeam on the Astronaut”

Dates Booked for book signing/screeningtour this summer… TORONTO MAY 9-10 (Toronto Reading Room),   MAY 23-Auburn NY (Vape Kult),   JULY 17-NYC (Desert Island),  JULY 18-Providence (AS220-BLACKBOX),  AUG 7- Rochester NY,  AUGUST 14-Chicago (Quimby’s),  AUGUST 15-Detroit (Green Brain),   AUGUST 16-Ann Arbor (Vault of Midnight),  …..and Pittsburgh (Copacetic)(Toonseum) to be announced….PHILLY (Locust Moon) to be announced

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Sunbeam on the Astronaut

Sunbeam on the Astronautby Steven Cerio

(Print edition Spring 2015. Digital edition out now!)

The purely hallucinatory digest you’ve searched for is here, done in Steven Cerio’s unique cross pollination of tripping visions and skittering twee. Included are previously unreleased stills of Cerio’s characters from his various films with top-hatted eyeball performance greats The Residents, a dozen short narratives, a collection of paintings and collages and stills from his newest film The Magnificent Pigtail Shadow.

Smiling cartoon critters carouse with threatening cutout whales against a shifting comic landscape in Cerio’s unique illustrated stories. The psychedelic meets Saturday morning cartoons in stories with such intriguing titles as “A Private History of Sunbeams and Head Colds”, “A Vivified Sugar Cube Explains the Universe”, “The Add Witch in The Berry Patch” and “Ninny Noonday Ninny”.

48 pages/black and white guts/full color cover

ISBN: 978-1-934460-23-8
Digital ISBN: 978-1-934460-47-4



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Packaging art for SONISK BLODBAD

00COVERygraphic for the next cd by a collective International music group I’m part of featuring the late Clive Jones, Don Preston(Frank Zappa, John Lennon) Ollis Christensen, vocalist Laurie Amat (The Residents) and others.  Being released by Inner Robotic Records in the next month or two