Jemeel Moondoc…William Parker…Hamid Drake

The great free jazz saxophonist Jemeel Moondoc with bass legend William Parker and the powerhouse Hamid Drake on drums. I got to sit in on drums with Moondoc and Parker at the end of the night. A great thrill for me.

Big Big Moths…Hudson Valley

About a dozen Atlas Moths showed up all at once on my porch last summer…probably picked up on the pheremones of a female. I sat with them and one by one they landed on me. These are BIG moths (hence the name). The only moth I saw that exceeded their size was a Luna moth that passed by me on the Appalachian trail near Cold Spring NY where I lived for a couple of years in the nineties. The town is 40 miles as the crow flies from Manhattan but the water from the faucets wasn’t drinkable at the time. I would catch a ride on the back of a neighbor’s pickup with my arms full of empty jugs that I’d fill from a spring on Mount Taurus. This was only days after I had moved there from Brooklyn. I couldn’t have been more thrilled. Seriously.

Another benefit to living in Putnam County was being in close proximity to the drive thru sculpture garden in Storm King. If you’re ever in the Hudson Valley I highly recommend it. It’s intense if you’re a sculpture fan. I wanted to break the rules and climb all over them…and had fantasies about a picnic under a stabile.

Unfinished poster for ‘The Residents’ etc

A detail of a drawing that didn’t turn out too well…so badly in fact I threw it out…but I kept the bee. She’s pretty loveable.

a birthday card

An unfinished version of a poster I’ve been preparing for The Residents. Steve Walters’ Screwball Press will be screen printing it soon. I’ll use 3 or 4 colors on it. Sal Canzonieri wants to use the full color version for the cover of his new book on poster art.

A table covered in ink drying much to slowly on a humid day.