Collages from the Sketchbook

Couple of quick collages from my sketchbook. I never use pointy shapes as a rule but I like that blue green one…feels benevolent somehow. I like that blurry shot of the bumble bee. Something about blurry shots of art…falsifies physical depth and movement…its like they really happened. Just a little.

Unfinished poster for ‘The Residents’ etc

A detail of a drawing that didn’t turn out too well…so badly in fact I threw it out…but I kept the bee. She’s pretty loveable.

a birthday card

An unfinished version of a poster I’ve been preparing for The Residents. Steve Walters’ Screwball Press will be screen printing it soon. I’ll use 3 or 4 colors on it. Sal Canzonieri wants to use the full color version for the cover of his new book on poster art.

A table covered in ink drying much to slowly on a humid day.