Adirondack Mountains….Windfall Pond

Near an abandoned beaver dam at the south end of Windfall pond in the Adirondack Mountains. I found that incompletely severed log 50 feet away. From the size of the bite marks it looked like he could have gotten through in another dozen bites if he didn’t get lazy. The water in the Adirondacks has become too acidic for fish I’ve been told. Not by concerned Naturalists either…by hunters complaining about having nothing to kill. The water is inhabitable only by a few species of minnow. They make their way down stream from Queer Lake…yes, Queer Lake. I’ve spent many hours there sunning myself like an Italian lizard but have found only a few dragonfly larvae in the water, an occasional frog on the shore and what appears to be perch fry, but nothing else. I did notice Venus fly traps on the shore. I didn’t know they were indigenous to NY. Guess I thought they were from  some Rain Forest, somewhere.