Arizona here…and South Western Arizona there

I found a field on some mountainside somewhere between Flagstaff, AZ and Ajo, Az. There had been a fire there a few years in the past.

This was a shot of a welcome sign to the town of Nothing, Az. The Mayor who doubled as their convenience store attendant told me the cactus flowers were giving him horrible allergies when there were probably 50 within a square mile. He asked if the pollen was better in New York. I told him he’d be carried away in a stretcher minutes after landing if he couldn’t handle a dozen flowers, he thought that was funny. I bought a $5 Mountain Dew and got back on the road.

A night shot of some trails near Ajo, AZ. I spent hours trying to find a scorpion. Not too smart. Luckily I have never succeeded…despite my efforts.

Some cacti and landscape in Organ Pipe National Monument-the most beautiful place I have ever seen or been. I almost didn’t stop, thinking that the term “National Monument” must designate a statue.

Some novelty shots of little towns near the Mexican boarder. The teepees were cement motel rooms. I took the plaster horse shot from my motel window. The owners stood it there like some equine peeping Tom.