Collages from the Sketchbook

Couple of quick collages from my sketchbook. I never use pointy shapes as a rule but I like that blue green one…feels benevolent somehow. I like that blurry shot of the bumble bee. Something about blurry shots of art…falsifies physical depth and movement…its like they really happened. Just a little.

Helios Creed Single Cover

The front and back cover I did for a Helios Creed single for my buddy Jim Gibson’s Noiseville Records. Helios has got one of the most acidic guitar sounds you’ll ever hear. His early days with Chrome are even more bizarre…if that’s possible

Unfinished poster for ‘The Residents’ etc

A detail of a drawing that didn’t turn out too well…so badly in fact I threw it out…but I kept the bee. She’s pretty loveable.

a birthday card

An unfinished version of a poster I’ve been preparing for The Residents. Steve Walters’ Screwball Press will be screen printing it soon. I’ll use 3 or 4 colors on it. Sal Canzonieri wants to use the full color version for the cover of his new book on poster art.

A table covered in ink drying much to slowly on a humid day.