1. SUNBEAM on the ASTRONAUT is available in sores and on line.

2. My first solo film ‘The Magnificent Pigtail Shadow”  was narrated by Kristin Hersh and released on dvd by  with a documentary short about my art and concepts  for the film by KC Duggan called “Don’t title this” and another short I filmed/directed with POWER ANIMAL performance artist Jason Martin called “Fibbin’ Dowser”.Back a few years ago now spent a great week touring my films in California. Did a screening on an actual siver screen at Downtown Independent in LosAngeles and at the famed Roxie in San Francisco and spent an incredible day shooting in Big Sur between the two. I used the footage in my film  ” Cease-Hounds uv thuh Eat-Turn-It-Tea” (Sea sounds of the Golden Eternity) for’ Lowell Celebrates Kerouac’ festival in Jack’s bustling hometown of Lowell Massachusetts…a great honor for me.

Here’s a review of the film at BIG TAKEOVER

3.  Director Don Hardy interviewed me for his next film “Theory of Obscurity” documenting the history of performance art pioneers The Residents. Don also filmed me drawing on a  dozen on blank hand cut paper masks  held by friends in an old machine shop .

4. My newest book “Sunbeam on the Astronaut” is out 5, published by Wow Cool/Alternative comics in California…here’s the link …and another  It’s a 56 page collection of narrative work I experimented with over the last 4 years using stories/free-form verse influenced by various experiences with cognitive dissonance,resonant dreams and close calls with false enlightenment over the last ten years.

5. My book “PIE-a pilgrimage to the nucleus of joy” from 1996 was released in digital form. It’s available from AMAZON

6.  In the process of compiling a 3 person art book with Homer Flynn, Leigh Barbier (artists well known for their art and graphics for The Residents) and myself. No date on its release just yet.

7.  New cd of my Soundtrack for my film “The Magnificent Pigtail Shadow” was released by WOW COOL in early 2015 with a densely decorated digi-pac case. Getting radio play around the world.

8.  Copies of the first self titled ATLANTIC DRONE disc are available at from RECORD GEEK on ebay

9. Was pleased to contribute drum and percussion tracks to a few releases by Norway’s ‘Sonisk Blodbad’ with my pal Ollis Christensen.

10. ooh, they use a few of my posters on Blake’s bedroom wall in Comedy Central’s ‘Workaholics”…he’s the longer haired character.

Summer in New York was short and hot this year near the Great Lakes. Spent plenty of time in my cheap plastic chair by the fir tree drinking tea and feeding dog biscuits to Lucy next door -had plenty of fun making new collages with cut paper and acrylic on my studio floor – spent mucho time shooting footage for my next film around the Adirondacks, the Atlantic, the Rockies from a plane-developed an almost unhealthy addiction to Terry Riley, LaMonte Young’s music and watching Esther Williams swim. My neighbor’s cat needs a bell to alert the chipmunks and baby squirrels I pry from his mouth most nights – found a waving yellow plastic bunny in Lowell that waves to me from my nightstand now. Winter is horrible here. Vitamin D tablets a necessity.

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Steven Cerio Jan 10, 2015