video by STEVEN CERIO for ATLANTIC DRONE ‘s “White-Tail Tremble”- a live soundtrack improvisation

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In March 2013 I performed an improvised set of music with 7 musicians against a screening of my film “The Magnificent Pigtail Shadow” in Beacon New York at The Dogwood. After this specific track was recorded I filmed the other musicians from behind my drums and left the stage to film from the audience. Those shots included the film projected on the performers and screen which I edited in with the original source film. I named the song “White-Tail Tremble” remembering a nervous doe eating dandelions only a dozen feet from our van as we loaded to leave the next morning. I returned from the Hudson Valley and edited down this track from the original 25 minute version taken from over four hours of recording and added Greg Pier on guitar and Brendan Gosson on violin as the last touches since they sadly couldn’t attend the original session